About The studio

We offer a mix of sculpting pilates and yoga exercises. At DARE, most classes start with a full body work-out followed by free form dancing as your cardio portion of the class. Dare is where fitness meets soul!”

Step into your power, queen.   

Our classes

sculpt and shake

This is a fun, high-energy non-stop class. First, we will work to sculpt our arms, booties and abs. Then, we dance. No confusing choreography here and no pausing between songs. Just shake to the beats and dance like nobody is watching. Club lights and fun music will be playing. Let’s party! All levels are welcome. Bring a mat and a towel.

Soul strength

Achieve your best self through fitness and meditation. The first part of this unique class begins with sculpt yoga to tone and strengthen your body. Then, we nourish the soul through a flowing dance meditation. Think, Meditation hits the dance floor. Move and shift your energy, relieve your stress and release what no longer serves you by dancing. All levels are welcome. Bring a mat and a towel.

Partner and Me

In this class, you and your partner (or friend) will get in shape and shed calories together while dancing.

We begin with a full body workout and then we let loose by dancing to a live DJ, just as you would at your favorite dance club (minus the hangover). All levels, genders, partnered and not partnered are welcome. Bring a mat and a towel.

youth classes

This class will be similar to the Sculpt and Shake class but a bit toned down to better suit the age group. Bring your bestie or sister and let’s have fun while getting stronger. We will work out and we will dance while learning a few moves. And, remember it’s not about the intensity, it’s about consistency. Ages 12 to 17 and all levels are welcome. Bring a mat and a towel.



To reserve your spot, you must enroll in each class online by logging into your account and selecting the classes you want to take. Be sure to complete the registration process. Drop-Ins without registration will not be accepted. For safety and efficiency, all clients must have an online account with us and be registered for a class to access the studio. 

sculpt and shake

soul strength

  • 1 Class ——— $25
  • 3 Classes —- $65
  • 5 Classes —- $100

partner and Me

  • Each Class ——— $35
  • For Both People


What People Say About Us

I’ve been training with Lesly as she opened the studio. Yes, it’s a great workout, but, more importantly, it has been so much fun and sexy. And life gets so much more fun when you feel that way.

Brandy C.

Torrey Hills

This is too fun to call a work-out. But every time, it gets me sore and exhausted. Then, I still can’t wait to do it again. 

brittney H.

Del Mar


1530 Encinitas Boulevard

Encinitas, CA 92024